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Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Going around Facebook are people writing lists of things others might not know about them.  I thought I'd try and do a list on here....just for fun.  :-). Not sure how easy this will be.

1.  I'm an animal lover (if you didn't know this then you don't know me well!!!  hahaha). Currently we have four dogs (well 31/2 lol) and two cats.  I vow when these animals are 'gone' they will not be replaced!  (Famous last words!)

2.  Hubby and I sold two of our properties up north and moved down here to High River in August 2012 not knowing many people (actually only knowing of one family from our old hometown) the unknown!!!  Except for the flood it's been a great, weird, crazy experience!!!!!!!!!  Going from a town we grew up in to a place where we know no one takes some adjusting.......mostly in a good way.  I absolutely love the scenery down here and the mild weather and being close to amenities.

3.  I am right handed but deal cards with my left.

4.  I am a quilter and have always dreamed of opening my own shop.  I tend to love collecting fabric more than I sew it together so I'm thinking it's a good fit!  (Now to win the lotto and convince hubby it's a good idea!!!!  Hahahahahaha!!)

5.  I've had many jobs in my adult life from teachers aide to bank teller to postal clerk to figure skating coach to flower shop owner/florist to dental assistant to day home owner/operator.  Some of these jobs have overlapped!  I also have the first two years of my teaching degree.

6.  On August 29, 2011 my mom lost her battle with cancer.  I think about her and miss her exaggeration.  She was absolutely my best friend in the whole world.

7.  I am a home body!!! Currently I am a "domestic engineer" and enjoy keeping our home neat and tidy, laundry caught up, etc. but every few months I feel the need for a break and try to get away somewhere.  :-). Clutter and messes in my own house drive me nuts but don't bother me at all in other peoples homes.  Really!!

8.  The hardest part of our move is trying to maintain friendships with people I felt I was close to.  It's worked with a few but not all.  I know I need to find new friends down here but will never forget the old ones.  :-). I also need to find a quilt guild.....

9.  We have four children whom I'm very proud of.  Two still live with us.  I can't wait to all be together at Christmas!!!!!  Another thing I miss because of the move, is hosting Christmas for the family.....having my two brothers and their families here would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do get my Dad coming so I'm very happy about that!  Being together is becoming much more important than gifts for me.  (And if you told me when I was young I would have 4 kids I'd tell you you were insane!!!!!  But I couldn't imagine life without them all!)

10.  Cleaning I don't mind doing but I'm not much of a cook.  I CAN cook but it's not my most favorite thing to do.  I've always dreamed of being the perfect 'Suzie Homemaker' but it's never happened!!!!  Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

So how boring were these "little known facts"????  It's hard!!!!  I'm sure I'll think of more interesting 'facts' once I post this!!!!!!!
I thought of something.....I was born in Sarnia, Ontario but lived in Forest/Camlachie until age 7 when my family moved "out west" to Hines Creek, AB. We lived there for a year before moving to High Prairie.  My Dad was a beekeeper as was his dad.  All of my relatives on both of my parents side live in Ontario.....the ones who are left.  My kids at one point had two sets of grandparents, three sets of great grandparents and one great great grandma.  All but their grandpa, my dad, are gone.

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