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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Busy Day!!

Let me get caught up on the questions of the day...behind as usual!!
Yesterday was "tomorrow I will ___________". Well, my answer would have been go to work, have fun, then workout!  And I did!!!!
Today's question was "What was your last major purchase?"  How major is major?  A house?  A car? Furniture?  Likely for me, personally...and most recent was my Brother Scan and Cut (which I haven't played with yet!!!).

Today was a busy, busy day at the quilt shop!  The time FLEW by!!!!!!!!!!  It was great!  I took some pics of some new fabric:

Some of Little Black Dress 2


Primitive Gatherings Floral Shirtings

Some lovely brights!  The Gerbera Daisies are cute!

It is sooooo hard to leave without one of everything!!!!!!  But I showed my neighbor Deb my kits cupboard last night........I will always remember the look on her face!!!  Hahahahahaha!  (Deb the quilter who buys only what she needs for one-project-at-a-time!). I will not live long enough to make everything I have...already...without adding to it!  So I remind myself of that every work day!

Bed time now and house cleaning tomorrow!  I think our Jare-Bear is coming home this weekend for a couple of I won't clean too deeply!  ;). And of course it's hockey this weekend!  I sure hope I get to visit with Kim on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her daughter will be in Calgary for a game.  :). A great weekend ahead...but work Friday first!

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