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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year!

Even though today is the second (already) I am going to combine two days into one.....and hopefully this doesn't happen often.
When I started this blog it was more or less to let people I know and family what was going on in my life.  I didn't want to do that on Facebook.  I laugh at my 10 of whom is me!....but I know of some people who read my blog but haven't signed up to be one of my official followers.  My life is not exciting so there are days, and often times a week, that will go by without a post.  I was searching Smash Book ideas on Pinterest and came across a blog on which were for each month, with a question a day and therefore 365 questions.  They were intended for scrapbooking or journaling but that's kind of what my blog is to online journal (although I still have a hand written journal with less entries but where I really vent if I need to, or express sadness, etc).  So I thought it would be fun to answer a question every day for 365 days as a way to post to my blog daily.  Of course I will continue to add "my life" to the blog and really hope I have a ton of quilty and crafty things to share throughout 2014.
January 1sts question was "What is my number one goal this year?"......I have so many!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess my answer would be to purge....which not only includes material things but also anything that makes me sad, frustrated or disappointed.  I like to be an organized person by nature and too many material things sometimes hinders that goal.  I've also let relationships with friends and even family members bring me down, frustrate and disappoint me so I will work on letting those go or improving them, depending on the effort of the people involved.  I need to stop beating myself up over those who don't want to return the effort.  Which kind of leads into todays question:  "What am I most grateful for?"  Of course number one are my husband and kids.....and our good health!  I don't know what I would do without each of them in my life!  When you move to a strange town it's amazing how much you lean on each other because that's all you have!  I'm grateful for our home and for it being sturdy and strong and cozy and warm and our pets who make us laugh and cuddle.  I'm grateful for my many hobbies which lead to meeting new people and giving me a creative outlet.  I'm grateful for still having my Dad.  I'm grateful for the friends new and old and family that will text, FB message or email me if they haven't heard from me in awhile or the one that emails almost daily. ;)  I'm grateful for those people who meet us at Amy's hockey games to cheer her on.  I'm grateful for our neighbors who are becoming good friends.  It seems as though I have a lot to be grateful for....and I do.
Now to make this post even longer I also found in my search, a list for a 30 Day Photo Challenge.  Yesterday was "Anything, Whatever I Want" so I took this I'm using my cell phone for the most part.....maybe one day I'll take the online photography course I bought last year!!

Now this poinsettia isn't pink....more yellow centers with red..see I need my camera.  But I love it's 
beauty and I know it won't look as beautiful for long.

Today's photo is "Something That Makes Me Smile" many things!!!!!!!  I guess I'll repost this picture from Christmas:

My family. <3

This post has gone on long enough!!!!!!  Until tomorrow.........

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