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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yesterday's post was delayed due to hockey.  Our daughter had a game in Banff and we brought one of her teammates with us as well.  Not sure I could live "in" the mountains but they are beautiful to look at close up.  It was a late night so yesterday's question will be answered today.

"What are you looking for from life?"  Wowzers....heavy!  Hahahahahaha Does anyone have a real idea?  I mean, I suppose we get only one shot at it so wasting days/weeks/months/years is something you don't get back.  I want to be a good be remembered as such.  I want to enjoy as best I doesn't interest me as much as some.  I love my home and spending time here.  I guess looking for happiness is key.  Happy with what I do, happy with who I spend my life with, happy with how I treat people...those known to me and those I just come in contact with.  Maybe I'll be lucky to have an influence on someone.  A lady came into the store this week and looked at me and said "I know you."  Well, she didn't really look familiar to me but she asked me questions, the answers were "no" and said "well, you must have a twin". We laughed and I said that they say everyone does.  But she kept staring at me...finally she asked where I moved from and when I told her she said "that's it!!!"  They lived in my hometown 20+ years ago???  Her husband was an RCMP.  So I laughed and said I worked at the Post she didn't think she remembered me from there.  Finally I told her the Treasury Branch and she said that was it!!!!  We laughed but then she said she recognized me by my smile and laugh!!!  I was kind of touched by be remembered after all those years!  So to be remembered (for good things!) would be a good thing to get out of life.

Sorry for the long post.....but there's more!  Haha. :)

Today's question is: "What is your favorite thing to drink?"  Wow, so much less thought provoking!!! I have a Keurig machine and loved my chai lattes as they reminded me of my friend Erica and working in her store.  But then I bought these last fall!
I bought them at the Bulk Barn and of course they don't have them anymore...but you can bet I will look for them next fall!!!  Soooooooo yummy!!!  I ration them as I only have a few left!  I still like my chai lattes, especially for the memories.  :)

When I took this picture I thought of that old Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other...."  

Hahaha. They do blend nicely!!!!!!!


Erica said...

Oh Jane, I really should be working .... ( I have 5 pallets of Springwater Wood Items coming tomorrow morning and should be getting the labels ready) But instead I thought I would catch up with you. Tears as I read about the Chai Latte, I have just started drinking it again and yes memories for sure.

Jane said...

We will always have our chai lattes!! :). Hope you got the labels made....but glad you wanted to check up on me. I must get a new post up....likely tomorrow. Hugs To you Erica!! (I know how much you love 'em! Hahaha)