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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today's questions is "what is your best memory of last year?"  I've read this question and focused on the best...and I have a few!  It's hard to remember anything before the flood.  So here are a few of my best memories......the rodeo parade (BF..before flood) in May.  It was awesome....lots of marching bands great floats and we got to watch it with the Perry's.  Great visit with Carey and Diane....every visit with them last year was great!  Then the day Morgan took me to the quilt shop in Coaldale while we were evacuated.  Man, that was just what I needed!!!!! Next was the fireworks we watched outside our motel room in Claresholm for July 1st.  It was a bit of "bright" after almost two weeks of 'captivity'!!  LoL.  Then clean-up and having the amazing crew we had!!!!!!  No words could express the gratitude!  During the whole clean-up process, for days, complete strangers coming and offering food and water.  Made our hearts so full of thanks.  We got to know our neighbors better and the Block Party (on my birthday) was a great memory too!!  Amy's grad was another 'best' memory.  She looked beautiful and the whole family was here.  A proud moment...and our last Highschool graduate!  Chris and Willi taking us to the Longview Steakhouse to celebrate surviving the flood.  Another fantastic visit (as always)!  I'm sure I'm forgetting many many "best" memories............

My photo was to be "something that stresses me out"....hahaha. I should have taken a picture of the ref at Amy's game tonight!  Or if the house was a mess I could have taken a picture of that.  But I have no stress pictures!

My neighbor and I went into Okotoks to Rumpled Quiltskins.  They had a sale on today...20% off if paying with cash or debit.  Well, I didn't need anything.  I went with her because she was looking for something for her grand baby arriving in April...a girl!  Anyway, I picked up a couple of small things and then I saw this!

I cannot wait to play with this!!!!!!  They are having a class on Tuesday for those of us who bought one....a how-to session.  Then once a month they will have a "club" and we meet to learn more and share things we have done.
I've been continuing with my sewing and will post a picture tomorrow of the blocks I have done.  We have another hockey game to go to first.


Erica said...

Good Morning Jane, always love catching up with you thru your blog. I started my holidays today. I can honestly say this is the first day since November 1, that is truly a day just for me.... all by myself !!!! The grand kids went home Saturday morning, we had them for a week, good week but very busy. Sara drove them back to Grande Prairie. It was also inventory week-end at the store, it went well. Glad the job is done. NOW to get the store filled up again ...the best part of my job lol. I am off to the tub. Have a great day and text talk to you soon.

Jane said...

Yeah Erica, holidays!!!!!!! I'll text ya soon!