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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another beautiful day.....

My Sunday has been very nice.  Deb and I went for a long 4.5 mile walk although we could have worn our skates and skated here and there.  Deb actually fell today, luckily she didn't hurt herself!  We have to find those traction things for our shoes.  We saw a couple of runners with them....if they can run on that ice with them, we could walk!

I washed bedding and laundry today so we all have nice clean sheets to sleep in tonight...ahhhh!  One of life's luxuries!  Hahaha!  I didn't really do much more.  I didn't sew, which was my original plan, but hopefully I will get at that tomorrow.

I'm signing up to do a Skinny Pincushion Swap.  Here's the link:

I think it will be fun...simple design so no stress!!!  It's been years since I've been in a swap.  Sometimes they work...sometimes they don't.  Fingers crossed this is a good one!

The dogs had fun outside this afternoon...even our tiny Pixie!
  She had a big nap afterwards!  

Today's question is :"My current favorite website is______________________."
A tough one.  I love a lot of the blogs I follow.  I love Pinterest...who doesn't??  Facebook frustrates me.  Are they considered websites?  There a lot of websites with a ton of quilting patterns, etc for free.  The Missouri Star Quilt Co has fantastic video tutorials!!  There are a ton of good websites out there!

Well the noise has begun....A is home from a hockey weekend away!!!!!

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Margaret Macpherson said...

They are called "Yak Trax" and are really quite good. Canadian tire or some sports stores sell them. Good luck. Poles help too. XOXO