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Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yesterday's question was "What is the temperature outside?"  An easy question to answer...straight forward.  But I couldn't tell you what it was during the day.  Our outside thermometer reader thingy was submerged during the flood so doesn't work...we haven't replaced it yet.  And I didn't go outside yesterday.....I checked emails, went on the treadmill, did some cleaning, showered then sat.....but I went with Hubby to Calgary to pick up A from the hockey bus and it was cold!!!!!!  -14C!  I had heard it was to drop...significantly!  Well, it did!

This weekend, in our hometown, a girl my oldest kids know, was having a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.  She is fighting a rare form of cancer found mostly in young children....and she's in her 20s.  Anyway, besides a silent auction and just donations, they were taking money via an auction for people getting their heads "buzzed". Here are my Dad and our two sons....J didn't raise enough to shave his beard!!!!!  I think this set of three made almost $1000!  Our eldest also had a mustache he couldn't wait to get rid of!! (You can see it in the family Christmas photo in a previous post)

It was a great turnout apparently which raised around $30,000!!!

I'm off to work to fondle fabric....ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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