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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today I was hoping to sew....but I did a bit of tidying up....more is filing a bunch of patterns and sorting some embroidery floss.
I seemed to want to avoid sewing.  Then off to get groceries.  Fridge is full...then supper is made and then off to do more shopping in Okotoks.  Getting home, putting stuff away, emptying dishwasher, making my lunch for tomorrow.....and still no sewing.  Hubby will be home tomorrow evening.  Oh well.....there will be another day!  

Yesterday I finally washed the 4 Runner.  It was busy at the car wash and the line up was long.

There were likely 4 more vehicles behind the one showing in my rear view mirror!  But the wheels are clean...for now.  I'm sure it won't last long!!

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny!!  I've been good so far but there are a couple of things I might purchase tomorrow.....I'll post pictures on tomorrow's post if I do.

Today's question is "Today I wish I had more___________". Hmmmm, 'motivation' comes to mind...again!!!!  That darn quilt top would have been done!!  Hahaha

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Kathy said...

"Sew" true. I have a coveted day off today, and one of the things I will be doing is driving to the quilt store!!!