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Monday, January 6, 2014


Well, today the holidays are officially over.  I heard the kids at school playing at recess.  Back to work for the teachers on my street too. And back to Curves for me!!!!  It felt good to sweat!

I've missed yesterday with the question and the picture.  Yesterday's question was "What was the last major accomplishment you had?"  Yikes!  I don't really know!  An accomplishment....hmmmm.  Quilting-wise it could be the hand appliquéd project I made or the finish of the POF Mystery Quilt.  Other then that I'm not sure.  These questions are hard!!!!!  I have 360 to go?!?!

Yesterday's picture was "a cup you drank from today".

Today's question was "What possession could you not live without?"  Hmmmmmm. iPad, sewing many things I could think of!!!!

The picture was of someone who inspires me.......inspires me.......I really couldn't think of anyone today.   

I did do some sewing today......I got the big blocks done for the quilt I started last week.

I still need to finalize the order but they were fun and easy!!!  I have to make smaller pinwheel blocks for a border but it will have to wait.......I go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!  I'll have lots to report I'm sure!

Amy was chosen for the south all-star team in her league and plays in Ft Saskatchewan on Saturday!!!!  We are soooo proud of her!  A rookie and an all-star!  Awesome!!!!!!


Kathy said...

Quilt blocks look really good! Have a great day at work today!

Margaret Macpherson said...

Love your mug. Enjoy being in touch through your blog. Disappearing pinwheel blocks look wonderful. More snow here than I've seen since leaving AB. WINTER! Spring soon. Seed catalogs arriving. Sewing group starts up again tomorrow. 2 days of catch-up. Taking my Bernina.!! Have a home for the Omega once I get it serviced. It' been a great machine all these years.
Here's a ? for you....."What do I need to do to achieve and maintain optimal health this year?" Hmmmmm Will I do it? Not sure. Lazy. I admire your efforts at discipline. Keep the faith. Love 'n Hugs. P