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Saturday, January 18, 2014


So it's really been awhile since my last post....whoops!  My question/photo of the day is way behind too....I'll try to do the questions as best as I can.
10. What made you smile today?  Well, I had an appointment with Ms Morgan which always makes my day....besides a haircut and color we always have a nice visit!  Then Hubby, A, a teammate and I were off to St Albert.  We checked in and went for a nice supper then a stop into Chapters for a latte, some new quilty magazines.  All of which made me smile!
11.  What's your favorite accessory?  Hmmmmm as many necklaces and other jewelry I have, I don't wear much.  My wedding ring(s)?  My great grandmothers family ring?  Scarves?  I don't know!!!  Love them all.
12.  What is making you mad?  On this day I was finally un-decorating from Christmas and likely not having enough hours in the day or energy to deal with the mess it left!  Hahaha
13.  What did you have for dinner today?  I think Amy made tacos that night...or did Shaylan make apricot chicken?  Yes, I think it was the chicken...yummmm.
14.  What did you get done?  On this day...not much.  I had the flu!!!!!  I did manage to get the binding sewn on this sample for the store but that's about it!
  It's a little Patchability pattern.
15.  Who last called you on the phone?  I would say Hubby.  He left for up north and called when he arrived.
16.  Who are you in love with?  My Hubby of course!!!!!!  And my kids!  <3.          
17.  What are you grateful for?  I truly have so much to be thankful for.  I've mentioned my Hubby and kids before...our health and love.  I'm grateful for my neighbors.  I'm grateful for the ability to keep food in the fridge, clothes on our backs, a house to call home.  I'm grateful for my little part time job and the fact it was the result of a hobby and passion I love.  It all sounds a bit corny but it's all true.  :)
18.  The best part of today was______________________?   The great visits with my neighbor gals!!!!  First off coffee here and a great visit!!!  Then because it was such a beautiful day, sangria on my neighbor Debs deck!!!!  We should have started about an hour or so earlier though!  The start:

And then 10 minutes later...when the sun went a bit farther over and behind a cloud:

Oh we laughed....then moved inside!  Deb and I wore capris!  January 18th!  It was comfortable when the sun was beating down! Hahaha. The wind has picked up so who knows what it will blow in.  

I might try the photos next month!  Hahaha. I'm too far behind with those!  

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Erica said...

Love it .... So glad you have found a few awesome neighbors ! (yes I am still reading)