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Thursday, January 9, 2014

A bit behind!

I went to blog last night and forgot all about it!  Man, this having a job thing is tiring!!!!!
Let's get this question thing out of the way first.....yesterday's question was "what is the last"good" thing you ate?"  I'd have to say Christmas supper.  I love turkey, stuffing and all that stuff.  Jenna's cabbage rolls and those rolled crepe things I can't spell the name of!  Yummmmmmm.  Today's question, keeping with the food theme is "what is your current favorite snack?"  I have too many, as the scale would attest to!  I love ripple chips and onion dip.  I love licorice.  Anything chocolate (of course) and even grapes.  One favorite.....I don't have just one.

I'm kind of failing at my photos too.  Yesterday was to be a pic of my lunch....well, I didn't check the photo until in the evening and so never thought about taking a picture of my chefs salad I made and brought from home.  Today was to be a picture of my shoes.....maybe tomorrow!

Work today was fun...we decided on some classes to do and will be working on the class schedule soon.  I have a Valentines Patchability to make for a store sample and maybe a monthly "club".  Next week I will work on photos and some Facebook updates for the store.

Nails done after work today, hair tomorrow morning.  Then we are off to Ft Saskatchewan.  I didn't sleep well last night and am falling asleep while writing this!!!!!!!!!  More another day!

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