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Monday, January 20, 2014


Well, I did it.  Went to my coach meeting and had a workout....only the second one of the month.  Bad, bad, bad!!!!!  But I vow to get my three workouts in this week!  This will be a test!!  Fingers crossed as one will be after work on Wednesday!

I have yet to sew.....that is the plan, breakfast, ready, set, sew!  I very much wanted to take my quilt top into the store when I work Wednesday.  It's a class I will be teaching.  I'm hoping!  But I also have to get groceries tomorrow.  I should have tried to fit it in the last few days!  This weekend is hockey, hockey, hockey (really...three games) so there won't be time there.  Boo!

The question for today is:" What is the hardest thing you're dealing with?"  There are several things.....I think my number one struggle is motivation to get to Curves and lose weight following the meal plans.  I struggle with being more productive every day and not procrastinating.  Nothing major and for that I am illnesses or diseases.  No problems with the kids or my relationship with Hubby.  Being a bit overweight is minor.  One day I will find my "mojo" and be successful!  As far as my daily production or lack thereof....I need to make my to-do lists again!

Tonight the sunset was beautiful and this picture from my iPad does not do it justice.  With my eyes, I can see the mountains clearly against the oranges and reds of the sunset but not so much in this picture.  I took a few with my camera but I haven't got them on the computer yet.


Margaret Macpherson said...

Peaceful. 51% of finished list is still SUCCESS. Ease up where you can and have a super good day. :)

Jane said...

Thanks Pegs!! I know, I know.....wish I could change my thought process! Hahaha. One day...maybe one day....... Did you get my email? :-)