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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today was my first day of work at Chinook Fabrics here in High was fun!!  The day flew by!!  They/we are still getting the place in order and it will take awhile but it will come.  Now to get some classes organized and get people in there!!  There are a ton of layer cakes in the store so I showed them the picture of the blocks I just made and that may be a class....I just have to finish the quilt!!

Today's question is " Can people change?"  I believe they can.....IF they want to.  I think if you are strong mentally, anything is possible.  But the desire has to be there.

The photo of the day is of my phone.  I took it of my cell phone with my iPad and it's not very clear but here it is!

Exciting eh?  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I came home to supper being prepared by Hubby...ahhhhhh and I wanted nothing more than to put my feet up all evening but Deb and I walked around the lakes.  My new App "mapmywalk" is pretty cool.  It's two miles around the lakes and it tells you how many calories burned.  I currently have over 9500 steps on my pedometer.  I will go to Curves tomorrow after work even though I haven't got organized with the meal plan yet!  Didn't have much time to eat today but managed to not faint!  I'm sure I ate enough!  Mavis and I hope to get a lot accomplished tomorrow, especially setting up the classroom!

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