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Monday, May 6, 2013


This weekend we spent some time in the yard and flower beds.  We bought, hauled and spread 60 bags of mulch.

The one flower bed with the lake in the background was taken just now.  Not a great shot.  But it shows one of our flower beds in the back. There is some green coming through.....and the fluffy mulch will settle. The dogs are loving laying in it!!!  We get to water tomorrow so the sprinkler is set up ready to go and so is the one in the front!
The second picture is of three stepping stones a very talented friend made years ago.  They made the trip with me from up north.  The two small ones are between my tiny lilac bushes.  Maybe they will bring them luck and will help them grow and flourish!!
I go and do another circuit at Curves tomorrow and I might walk there from here.  There and back with a circuit in between will be a great workout....we'll see.  It's not to be as hot tomorrow.


Kathy said...

Wow! Good picture, now I understand where 60 bags of mulch would go! Good luck with the walk tomorrow, was too hot here today to make it to the park even after dinner....mmmmmmm more ice cream....

Margaret Macpherson said...

This thing is being contrary. I did post, but don't see it. I'll keep trying.

Margaret Macpherson said...

Bruce loves gardening as much as l enjoy quilting. He mulches compost at the end of our yard (garden) TTYS