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Monday, May 20, 2013

Everyone loves a parade!

This morning was a parade in our town.  There was a Little Britches Rodeo on this afternoon....I guess the parade kicks off the rodeo season around the area.  And it was GREAT!!!  Lots and lots of marching bands, a bagpipe band, horses, floats and the Shriners....well, they could of had their own parade!!!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and the weather was nice...and turned even better!!!!  Here's a pic of the pre-parade entertainment.  A group of line dancers!  So cool!!!!
Silly me didn't take any other pictures!!!!!  A band would go by and I'd think "I should of taken a picture!" Then the next one...but I was enjoying them so much!!!!  Love marching bands!!

Then we had lunch with a family from up north...the service was soooo slow at Boston Pizza that we had a nice long visit!!!!!!  A very, very nice day!!!!!!!!!!!  :-D


Margaret Macpherson said...

Loving your entries . Keep it up. Now & then I'm up late and enjoy the read. It's almost as good as a visit. TTYL.

Jane said...

Glad you love them Pegs!!!! More to come!!!!