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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A good friend...and painting

I have a very dear friend who now lives 2000+ miles away.  We do keep in contact via the Internet and I have been to her and her husbands home as its not far from where my relatives live in Ontario, although that visit has been a long time ago.  We both share a love of quilting.  I sent her a little package...kind of a late birthday gift (my excuse) and today in the mail I received this:

Pegs lives in an amazing town with a lovely candy/chocolate store (actually they make the chocolate in the town!) that is located across from the quilt shop, which is for sale and will close the end of June if its not sold. :-(    Mint smoothies are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The gift was totally unnecessary but I will think of my dear friend with every bite!!!!  <3. What a sweetie!!!!!!

I also put some paint samples on the wall today......any thoughts??

There are two I am leaning towards and will see what the hubby thinks, not that he has much say in the decorating department!!!  LOL

It was a gorgeous day here.....25C in the back yard!  Tomorrow I join Curves......I'll have to pace myself with those chocolates because I'm NOT sharing!  They came from too far away!  :-)

Go Habs Go!  I'm a Flames fan but they are golfing right now (boo) and we have two diehard Montreal fans in the house so I'll pay along!  

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Jane said...

"Play" along....I don't need to pay anyone!!! LOL!