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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My "vacation"

I have arrived in my home town for a two week "vacation".  I use the term loosely although I do plan on having fun while I'm here!!  LOL. It's not a tropical locale (but the sun IS shining here and I left pouring rain!!!!!) or exotic.....nothing like that.  But there are friends and family to spend time with and a quilt guild meeting and quilt retreat to attend!!!!  There will also be some shopping at a favorite store or two.  :)

While driving here I saw this:

It reminded me of I believe it was a you tube video where the wife was sleeping and the husband drove up behind something like this and woke her up by screaming.....nasty!!!!!  Of course it was this:

A truck being towed!  LOL. I had a chuckle.  Anyway, when I got to Edmonton I missed my turn off of the Anthony Hendey (sp??) to take hwy 16 and ended up in St Albert.  I hadn't been to Quilt Essentials at their new location so I made a pit stop and came out with this:

Sigh!!!!!  Oh well, I have more projects to work on at retreat...right????  I might set up my machine here and sew when I have a spare moment......oh it's all fun, fun, fun!!!!!

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Kathy said...

Too funny! I had actually been thinking about emailing and seeing if you wanted to meet up fellow blogger and POFer as I am on my way to Calgary this weekend, but it looks like you're in my "neck of the woods" already. Have fun ;)