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Monday, May 13, 2013

Way up North

No, not Alaska.  We went up to my home town this weekend to my nephews grad and what would have been our daughters grad class had we still been living there.  It was a quick trip...there Friday, home yesterday.  Got some visiting in and had fun.  I forgot how rough the highways were though....wowzers!  As my daughter said, they need to give their roads some lovin'!

Mothers Day yesterday is always bitter sweet.  Grad has been on that weekend for all of my kids years and so Mothers Day is kind of forgotten and this was the second year without my Mom which is still so sad.  I miss was hard being in her house on that day without her's always hard being in her house.  I know it will get easier.

What a difference a week makes....look at those leaves!!!!  Actually it seems they popped out just while we were gone!

I start Curves Complete today so I'd best get going.  I do the circuit 4 times a week and start the meal planning today so need groceries.  :-)


Margaret Macpherson said...

Wow, look at that tree burst into leaf. What a spectacular sight every year. I never tire of seeing the new birth burst forth.
That is a long drive from the HIGH river to the prairie! How many hrs.?
Hugs. XXOO P

Jane said...

I know Pegs....I love spring and the changes!!!! Our drive is 7-7.5 hrs. Could be worse....could be better! LOL