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Saturday, May 31, 2014


I woke up this morning (way too early to the squawk of some annoying bird!) with my teeth clenched (I've started to wear my splint again) and feeling a bit funky.....restless, anxious.....I can't really put a finger on it.  Lots going on in this little mind of mine.  But the sun is shining and I work today....I worked all three of the most beautiful days of the week...figures!.....and I hope to get to a greenhouse soon to fill in my flowerbeds in the back yard.  I do not see much coming up so I'm thinking I'll chalk that up to more flood loss.  :( The greenhouse visit will likely wait until next week as the greenhouses are nuts here on the weekends!!!!!!!  I also need to get out my friend, "Round-Up",first.

This dude has no worries in the world.....ahhhh to be a cat!

On the quilting front, I need to make myself quilt a ton of small projects of which I have the tops done.  It's not my favorite process but maybe I can make it fun by trying to challenge myself to do something more fancy.  We will see.....quilting in the ditch is so much easier as is stippling!  I'll practice first on a scrap.  Wish me luck!!!

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Sue said...

I Lost a load of perrenials as well as rose etc etc, they thrived after the flood must of been something that was in the air! Good Luck with all your projects, bring some on Tuesday..