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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ta Da!!

I did sew yesterday and finished the table runner I started yesterday!  It's was an ugly day outside so I turned the fireplace on and sewed away...ahhhhhh.  Here's the top:


I really like how it turned out and it may be a pattern I make again.....maybe.  

I've seen the sun this morning but we still have a lot of clouds so we aren't clear yet!  But even just a glimpse lets us know it's still there!!!!!!

Stitching Group tonight!  Whoo hoo!  I don't know which of my one million projects I will bring but I'll figure it out by then!  I might make some coasters or mug mats today from an idea a customer gave me.  You know I'll post pictures of the finished product if I do!!


Sue said...

Nice Table topper, coasters were pretty too!

Margaret Macpherson said...


Margaret Macpherson said...

Cotton? Homespun? Wool? All the practise you've done and now you're so quick! Good job!

Jane said...

Cotton and wool....the circles and stars are wool, the rest cotton. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! LOL!!