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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Trip

Hubby and I went to Banff yesterday to meet with my Dad. On the way we stopped in Canmore and I popped into The Sugar Pine Co.  I have to be honest....I was disappointed.  I had been in the store likely 10+ years ago and I liked it.  Lots of kits and I don't remember the store being so crowded.  The downstairs, which had giftware before, was very junky yesterday.  Giftware (most seemed old) mixed with notions, etc.  old fabric.....then upstairs I found cluttered and unorganized.  Of course I still made a purchase!!!  What addict can walk away from a quilt shop empty handed????
The shop outside:

My purchases:

Banff was nice...busy as usual.  We had a good visit with my dad.  :)
Today I've been sitting outside all afternoon.  The sun is shining and it's a lovely day.  I moved my old ladder to the back flowerbed this afternoon.  

I hope some plants come back and can make it through the mulch!!  Time will tell.  
I've started stitching my new snowman red work project!!!  I love hand stitching!!!!  ❤️


Kathy said...

Sad face for you Jane. Yes, the store has gone down hill especially in the past two years since the "matron" passed away. We joke about the merchandise on the bottom floor never moving and no one dusting it every time we walk by!

Jane said...

So that's what happened Kathy. Makes sense. Hahaha. Yes, lots of dust!!!! 😳. It could be an amazing place again with a major overhaul!!!!

Sue said...

I know what you mean, I am always dissapointed when I visit the store now, it used to be great, dismal!

Sue said...

There you go Jane, another shop for you to revamp!