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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Trip

Hubby and I went to Banff yesterday to meet with my Dad. On the way we stopped in Canmore and I popped into The Sugar Pine Co.  I have to be honest....I was disappointed.  I had been in the store likely 10+ years ago and I liked it.  Lots of kits and I don't remember the store being so crowded.  The downstairs, which had giftware before, was very junky yesterday.  Giftware (most seemed old) mixed with notions, etc.  old fabric.....then upstairs I found cluttered and unorganized.  Of course I still made a purchase!!!  What addict can walk away from a quilt shop empty handed????
The shop outside:

My purchases:

Banff was nice...busy as usual.  We had a good visit with my dad.  :)
Today I've been sitting outside all afternoon.  The sun is shining and it's a lovely day.  I moved my old ladder to the back flowerbed this afternoon.  

I hope some plants come back and can make it through the mulch!!  Time will tell.  
I've started stitching my new snowman red work project!!!  I love hand stitching!!!!  ❤️