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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stitching Snowmen

Yesterday I completed the first block of a snowman stitchery quilt I have started that's new at the shop.  I almost have the stitching part done for the second block now too.

Today started out sunny.  Deb and I got our walk in and Hubby and I ran to Okotoks for plants for my half barrel planters and a stop at Michaels.  When we were getting plants, big black clouds were getting close and thunder started rumbling!!!  So I rushed through the nursery, which was crazy busy, and we got home in time.  These clouds came and are passing over...they were blacker than the pics:

I think they will be over soon.  Tomorrow is the Little Britches Rodeo parade so I sure hope it's a nice day.  This town needs some happy!!