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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Dream........

For years I have dreamt of owning a quilt shop.  I have saved every issue of Quilt Sampler magazine since the late '90s and this week the current spring/summer issue was released.  I savor every page, reading about these shops and what they do for their customers...special events, classes, sales.  I see how they display fabrics and what other props they use.  I finished enjoying the issue this morning.....I will re-read this until I tuck it away with the rest of them.  Many, many magazines have been purged from my collection but not this one!

Yesterday I spent most of the day rearranging and re-doing displays at Chinook Fabrics.  I woke up this morning, at 6 AM, thinking of other things I could/should have done!!!!  I don't work again until Thursday and I'm sure there will be lots to do!  We are expecting the Downton Abbey fabrics as well as Yoko Seiko fabrics (I think that's the right name?!?)....where will they go???????  I have to tell myself to relax and remind myself that it's not MY shop!!!!!!!!

These two were watching the birds yesterday morning.  I'm sure they dream about being out there and chasing them!!

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Kathy said...

Better finish my Downton Abbey Quilt ASAP so that if I need more fabric I will know where to get it a "little more local"!