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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh My Back!!!!!

Yesterday was spent in the yard....front and back....old mulch and flood remains were hauled away, weeds were pulled, some edging was done and 70 bags of new mulch hauled in!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It sure feels good when I look out there but my back is killing me!!!!!  Hahaha. Always that first spring time clean up!  Last year was a lot because we cleaned up the beds from the previous owner and hauled in mulch.  This year it was a lot because of the flood and the mess and replacing the mulch that floated away!!!  Next year, God willing, it will be a normal cleanup of some dead plants, weed removal, etc.  We want to really make use of our backyard this summer.  We moved in August 2012 so didn't have much time.  Last year was the flood so it wasn't used at all.  This year I want to make it a fun, comfortable place to be.  We want a fire pit, I want some more comfie chairs, and I will work on making the flowerbeds pretty.  The grass is coming nicely.....I'm sure it will fill in more as the year goes on.

On Mothers Day I painted the front of my old wood ironing board.  It's for display only and decided it needed chalkboard paint!

As promised, here are the prints from my son for Mothers Day.  Love them!!

I also have a picture of my yummy dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was banana split cheesecake but only had chunks of cheesecake in the middle....yummmmmmmmm. 

I have been working on a quilt with embroidery, Little Birdies Stitcheries for about three years now!  It's one of those things I'd work on for awhile then put away.  There are 12 stitched blocks and I'm now working on #12!!!!  Here's the completed #11 block.  I'm hoping to have the last one finished today so I can square them up, sash them, sew them together then add a border!!!!!! 

We are off to Banff today to meet up with my Dad who is there for something work related.  I'll stitch on the way and might be able to stop at The Sugar Pine Co in Canmore......I need NOTHING but there's no harm in "looking" right????????

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