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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Boys Quilt

I worked myself hard yesterday.  I cleaned the house, emptied garbages, scooped dog poop in the backyard, did a couple of loads of laundry then rewarded myself with sewing!  I had a productive few days and I loved it!!!!  Work today...we will see if I'll have time to sew there.  I'm sure there will be displays to re-do though.  Lucie and Francois are back from a show and we are getting a POS system and the gal inputting likely had to scan everything....anyway, I'm preparing myself for a bit of a mess and doing displays seems to be my job.  :). Back to my sewing.  I finished the little boys quilt I had started the day before.  It was fun and easy and it's not that big so I hope to quilt it myself.  I'd like to be brave and put minky on the back might have to be flannel.
The lighting isn't that great but it was a fun I had sitting around for awhile!!!!

Next up?  I think I have to get some of my BOMs caught up....more on the way!  I also need to force myself to quilt some of the small tops I have done....mostly table toppers, runners and this boys quilt.  

I saw this on Facebook this explains things perfectly!!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

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Kathy said...

WAY to go! Quilt looks fun!