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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Well, I'm a bit tired this morning!  Yesterday was a mentally exhausting day of thinking, planning, dreaming, but to no avail...yet!  Confused?  That's okay......I'll post more details if and when the time arises.  ;). The Habs played last night and even though I don't consider myself a Habs fan, two members of my family are HUGE Habs fans and I thought I would sew while the game was on.  I received my first Little Project from Primitive Gatherings yesterday.  I will get a little project to do once a month for 12 months and had to order the book these projects are out of as well.  So I started this new one!  And, a little after 1 a.m, the top is complete!  It only measures 14"x14" but I messed up, big time, and had to un-sew 80 pieces, cut them smaller then sew together 160 pieces so it took me a lot longer then it should have but I was determined!!!!!!!  Here is the book with the kit and the finished top:

I forgot to share my completed snowman stitchery block #2!  Here it is attached to block #1:

Today I have to do some house cleaning and it's a rainy day so it will be hard to find the motivation adding to the fact I didn't get much sleep!!  Work Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week!  A shower will be a good start to wake me up!!!

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Margaret Macpherson said...

Just simply gorgeous! Might take more than a shower to wake you up when you're older, so ENJOY!