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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Festival of Quilts!

Going to a quilt show is always fun, but going with a friend that thinks like you is even better!!!!!  Sue picked me up in the morning and off we went to Heritage Park!  When we got there we headed straight for the vendors!!!!!!!!!!  Shop first then look!!!!!!  The vendors were great......Chinook Fabrics was busy so that was great to see!!!!!  The Quilt Patch from Moosejaw was there...I restrained myself and only bought two small quilt kits and a well as Village Quilts from Lethbridge, the girls from Vegreville (their booth was busy, busy too), Hamels and many, many others.  The Sugar Pine was there and my big purchase was the kit I had seen in the store that I couldn't stop thinking about!!!  I bought a few other patterns at various booths (again proud I didn't buy the kits instead!!)   We also stopped in Out of Hand, a quilt shop in Calgary.  I had never been and oh boy is it packed but with some lovely things!  Here are some pics of the quilts we did eventually walk around to see!

Isn't this amazing!!!  Over 4000 tiny yo-yos!  Made to help with her insomnia!!!  If I keep waking up at 5:30 am I might have to do this too!!!!
Here are my purchases:

It was a super day!!!!!!!
Last weekend was the parade.  It was a bit cold but I still love a parade!!!  A couple of from the Shriners and the float from Vulcan which was very cool!!!


Margaret Macpherson said...

Great post. Love all the pics. And the mug stories. Just think, if we gave all of our fabric and kits away ($$$) how much shopping we could do! BUT, what could I part with? Just got a box of yummy fabric from Marla. That should satisfy my 'want to buy' need for awhile!? Have a great week. Till next time......HUGS

Zachary Boisson said...

Awesome Jane, Oh to be at an outdoor show!!!

Zachary Boisson said...

Hmm, it would appear that my son has been on my computer. That post was from Kim. Hello Peggy! I hope all is well with you!