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Monday, May 12, 2014

Funny Mug

Monday Mug Memory!  This is an OLDIE!!!!  Like 30+ years old!  In my hometown we used to have a drugstore called Merners Drugs.  It was a Rexall store located where my favorite clothing store is now.  The store had everything from giftware to vet supplies!!  It wasn't very big but it was neat.  One day I saw this mug and had to have it.  I'm not very tall and I guess I thought I was tough...HAHAHA!!  This mug has moved with me so many times that I'm surprised it's survived but hey, IT is tough..and mean!!

Look at that little monster!!!  Makes me laugh!!

Yesterday was Mothers Day and I vowed to do exactly what I wanted and guess what that was?  Spend the day in my sewing room!!!!  I had bought fabric online to make S a pillowcase so that got done as well as another cat one for my friend Debs son.  Then I started on another old, little kit.  I got the blocks made and now to sew them together.

Three of my children were around.  Besides my supper the night before at the Cheesecake Factory I got a gift certificate for a 90 minute hot rock massage from the girls (I can't wait to book that!!!) and two prints from my son from my favorite store in HP. (I'll post pics tomorrow).  Our eldest boy was unable to come down.  He had had his wisdom teeth out Friday so was recovering from that....hopefully I'll get to see him next weekend (hint hint!!!!!). Anyway, he sent me this picture saying "Happy Mothers Day!"  I guess I'll always be with him and he can likely reach that spot to give me a kiss!  Hahaha!!!  I do want him to design a tattoo for me....I love the one he has on his back that he designed....this one was "old school" out of a book.

He said it was painful so I told him it made up for the 12+ hours of labor and a foreceps delivery!!!  LOL

I hope to get into the flowerbeds today although I know the sewing room will be calling to me!  Tomorrow we meet my dad in Banff and I'd like to go early and maybe pop into The Sugar Pine Co in Canmore.  I don't need anything I'd just like to "look"!!!!!!

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