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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We got our windows replaced today.  They still have two days of work left trimming them out, etc. Here is our new big window....I love how it opens up on top.

Tomorrow I will go and get a door knob and lock for the's not in yet.

 Because I got all my chores done yesterday I rewarded myself with sewing today.  I finished my POF Mystery quilt top!!!!!!!!!  I didn't plan it out very well, decided to use the blocks made for the border so I had to get more of the border fabrics I had picked up at Chinook Fabrics last week.

I think it turned out alright though.  I'm glad it's done!

Our floor guys are supposed to be here tomorrow to start on the stairwell then they will be back on Monday afternoon to get the rest of the basement done next week.  It's coming....I need to order the vanity tomorrow too.  I think I should make a list!!

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Kathy said...

Awesome job Jane!!! Looks great. I got as far as getting the border fabric, but still can't come to terms with not using those pieces, so have not moved forward with the project. I do need to get it done though.....