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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Drizzle fra-zizzle!

Okay....I made up fra-zizzle....or maybe I'm a rapper!  LOL. Anyway, it's a dreary, drizzly poured this morning and we had thunder and lightening.....ugh.  It was and tomorrow.  Perfect tea drinking day!!!!  I received my new gadget in the mail tea maker, also just a kettle.  So far I LOVE it!  Loose tea goes in the basket, set type of tea, how strong or weak you want it, the water boils to the correct temperature, basket lowers and steeps for the length of time it's supposed to for the tea and strength chosen, then basket rises back up and boom, perfect cup of tea!!!!

Hubby had to go north again and left this morning.  His "girls" are going to miss him!!

LOL. Amy and I will too!!  He is hoping, fingers crossed, that this is his last trip there.  If not, the next one will be short and the last.  I do love control of the remote and sewing all day if I want to but he is nice to have around.  :-)

I have to run to Okotoks and then I do hope to sew today.  I haven't done a thing the last couple of days.  And with this drizzle it's the perfect day to sew!!!!!

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