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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Action Packed Few Days

Since my last post life has been busy..a good busy!!!!  Tile is up in our bathroom...grout happens tomorrow.  Trim has been delivered and hopefully doors early this week.  Blair has a carpenter lined up who is available when we are ready.  I painted trim today:

Not my favorite job but it means progress!!!!!!

We ordered furniture yesterday from the store uptown.  In 2 - 21/2 weeks we should have furniture 
down there......and it should almost be back to normal!!!!!!!!!  I'm so thankful and grateful.  

Friday was my 50th.  And I feel great about it!!!!!!!  I was totally spoiled!!!  My girls bought out Bath and Body Works...I got lotion, candles, scrub, body spray...and they got me a Fossil watch with lots of bling!!!

Our youngest son called and went to The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw and bought me something quilty! He said all the ladies in the shop said he was "the best son ever!"  I won't see his gift until he's done work..maybe a week or so.  My husband REALLY spoiled me!!!!  He said "you only turn 50 once!" and got me more bling. (Please excuse the 50 year old wrinkly hand!!!!)

We ran into Calgary to look at furniture and popped into Pier 1...I will be going back when it's time to decorate!!!  But this mug kept catching my eye and making me laugh so I bought it!!!

The night of my birthday our street had a block party.  What a blast!!!  We even had a live band and they were good!!!!!

Last night we were invited to the neighbors for supper and had awesome bbq'd steak.  I miss having a BBQ and hopefully we can get one one of these days. 

We were given these t-shirts to wear and it was a great celebration of survival.

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