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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Friends

A little while ago, we were invited out for supper by two great people from our home town.  Willi was a school teacher at our elementary school and Chris was the postmaster....and my boss for almost 8 years!  Wonderful, kind people.  They have been to Amy's hockey games in Calgary when she played last year.  They live in Calgary now, close to their daughters and their families.  Anyway, they wanted to treat us out for supper to celebrate surviving the flood!!  ;)  After messaging on Facebook back and forth we finally found a day that worked for us all....and today was the day.  I've written about the Longview Steakhouse before.....amazing food, great owners.  That is where Willi and Chris took us for supper.  It was, conversation...awesome!!!!!  Then, I was surprised with a delicious dessert, complete with a birthday candle and our table and the one next to us singing Happy Birthday!!!  It's not quite my birthday but it's coming fast!

It was a very nice evening........thank you Chris and very, very much!

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