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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The End.....

We head for home tomorrow morning.  My trip will be short compared to my friends'.  I am ready for home but not reality!  LOL!  It's been a great trip!

Today was the Eureka Quilt Show.  In the nine years they have held it, it's never rained....until today. Initially they were going to move it to the Highschool but there was a mix up with the booking so they braved the rain and held it outside as per usual.  I didn't pack a jacket, or a hoodie or a warm when we got there I bought a pullover that kept me warm enough.  The quilts were covered in plastic which made it difficult to see them in all their glory.  But later on the sun came out and it warmed up and some of the plastic was removed off of some of the quilts.  The vendors were likely soggy and cold.  I'm sure a warm shower was a welcome thing tonight!  I will post photos at the end of this post.

I finished another top today.  Man, oh man it gave me troubles and I still see an error when I look at this picture.  I might leave it.........

Montana Trip 2013 was a blast!!!  Now to get sewing all the projects I bought!!!!!!!  

My traveling partners braving the weather to shop the vendors booths!

This was made from flannel!

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Margaret Macpherson said...

I look forward to your entries and enjoy your posts SO much. Your pics are delightful. Your q. top is lovely. As hard as I looked, I can not detect an error. ? Nice pattern. You HAVE been a busy bee. Your own bed will feel good, but not so easy to land, me thinks. RAIN is this years theme it would seem! Hope things are dry in H.R.