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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Sewed Today!!!!

Yep, I sewed today!!!!  Wasn't until after supper but I continued work on my POF Mystery quilt that should have been done already!!!  The new Cracked Pots one starts on Sunday!!!!!  I just finished Step 8 of 12.....I still have some work to do!!  But it sure felt great and my ironing board and cutting table worked perfectly!  This quilt involves a lot of chain piecing.  I saw this gadget at our local quilt shop some time ago and thought it would be a gadget I'd never use so I didn't buy it.  While at the Red Deer quilt show, a vendor had them in her booth on sale and well, being caught up in the buying frenzy at a quilt show (I'm not the only one who does that right???) I bought it.....and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!  The Cutting Gizmo!!  It stays by my machine always!

This morning I found a picture on google of the flooring I had picked out yesterday.  Candice Olson used it in a bedroom she remodeled.  I quickly sent the link off to my friends...and as soon as I did that, the phone rang and it was the flooring people saying that flooring wasn't available until the first week in October!!!!  So off I went to pick out something different.  I really liked what I had picked out....I had my vision of furniture, etc remember???  I think I like what I picked out today better!!!  Sorry for the paint swatches on the sample.  My colors are third on the left and fourth on the right!

I took pictures of the bathroom tile but they basically look white in the pictures but they do have texture and some lines.  The flooring guy thinks he can put the tile in sooner than the vinyl flooring but he says that will likely be somewhere around the 10th to 18th of September.  No painters AGAIN today!!!  I sure hope he is okay!!!!!!!!!  He had said he would be done tomorrow....but there's only primer on the walls.  I think the ceiling is done.

I guess we will see if he shows up tomorrow.

Guess that's the scoop for the day...more sewing tomorrow!  I'm going to try and go no where!!!!


Kathy said...

Well that just does look like a fun little item! I thinks I just might have to get me one of those as well : ) Have to try and get my second POF done tonight, or I am really going to be behind on the one that starts tomorrow..... Glad to see things are returning to "normal" for you : )

Jane said...

Oh Kathy, I admire anyone doing more than one of these!!! I'm on step 10...making those star blocks! I'm not sure if I will do Cracked Pots yet......I'm signed up but really need to get a million other things done and I need to do some "get 'er done quick" projects!