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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feels like a Fall Morning

Feels cool this morning.  That's not a bad thing as its been warm/hot and humid during the day so having it cooler through the night makes the house bearable.  There was a lot of dew on the grass this morning when I let the dogs's the middle of August.  :-(

The other night I met two quilters. Lorie lives around Strathmore and is part of the Plenty of Fish Mystery Quilt group on Facebook.  Sharon lives here in HR and lost her quilting stuff in the flood.  Lorie picked me up to take me to Sharon's and it was our first meeting although Lorie and Sharon had met once before.  What a fun night!  Quilters always seem like friends forever.  We could have talked all night but Sharon had work the next day.  As it was, I didn't get back home until after 11:30 pm.  I took Sharon a kit I'd bought for her while in Montana.  Lorie delivered a parcel from some gals in and around Valleyview, close to my hometown!  What Lori and I came home with was a cool "mug hug" made by Sharon!!!  Here's mine:
LOVE how she used the eyelets and the ribbon!!!!!!!  The inside fabric reminds me of her.  Her house is so cool with animal prints some bold color and even some antique pieces here and there!!!!
Here is a pic of the three of us:

I did a little shopping in Okotoks yesterday and went to a couple of my favorite stores.  At one, I found this tin sign for the guest room.  I thought it was pretty appropriate considering how the past two months have been!

Season premier of Duck Dynasty tonight!!!!!!!  Here's what I started reading last night!
I have the other book too.  Gotta love those guys!!!!!!!

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