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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A HOT Hump Day!

It was a warm one today!!!  Blinds closed, windows they are all open to get the breeze and hopefully cool the house off overnight!

I did a painting today for a friend (she has also requested one for her daughter). I hope they like them when they see them in person.
I haven't made the other one yet.

The lady from Disaster Relief came by today.  She was more a form-fill-er-in-er.  Who knows what will come of it...........

When we had evacuated to Claresholm there was a very nice print at one of the drug stores....yeah the drugstore!  I couldn't stop thinking about it and pressed my luck and drove there today to see if they still had it.  They DID!!!!  It's hanging in our dining room right now and I LOVE it!  The manager gave me 20% off because I was in High River and was flooded....what a sweet thing to do!!!!  Here it is:

The drywaller was here today.  Still not completely done hanging all the dry wall but here's a pic of the progress:

I stopped at the candy store in Nanton on my way to Claresholm and ate too much candy.  When I got home I knew a salad was in order for supper.  Lorie had brought me fresh lettuce and cucumbers when she picked me up to go to Sharon's so I used those in my salad.....YUMMO!

So that was my day.......yard work tomorrow if I don't roast up!!