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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August is Almost Over

Wowzers....where did this month go???????  Where did the summer go?????  I was texting a friend the other day and she asked me if we went anywhere this summer.  I laughed and said "yes, we spent two weeks at the Lazy J Motel in Claresholm then at the "lake" in High River!"  I guess that's where summer has gone.  I laughed again this morning when I heard sawing and nailing being done over at a neighbors.  When we looked at houses and neighborhoods in High River in July 2012, we specifically wanted a move-in ready house we didn't have to do anything to as we had done enough renovations in our old house and a older, established community as we didn't want to live in a construction zone!  Well, we have to laugh at ourselves now!!!!!!!!!!  Both things we didn't want have come true.  But the sounds of construction are good sounds considering the situation.  It's means re-building and a road back to normalcy.  It's happy noises in my opinion.  It means our neighborhood is alive and will be back to the way it was one day....and the quiet will return.

Our drywall is done and the painting will be complete on Saturday.  Tomorrow I go and pick out flooring and tile for the bathroom.  I'm hoping our windows and door are almost here and then the bigger things will be complete.  Furnace and water softener will be installed next week.  One step at a time.......

One of the things I miss about our old place up north was whenever it rained and the sun came out, we always saw the rainbows.  This past weekend we were driving into Okotoks and this is what we saw:

Not just one rainbow but a double FULL rainbow!  I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing with my cell phone.  I love rainbows!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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