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Sunday, August 18, 2013


We had to go to the "mall" today as we realized Hubby didn't really have anything to wear to Amy's grad which is this Thursday.  The girls came with us (of course!) and once we found B an outfit, he sat and we continued to shop.  I'm sure it was a long day for him....but he survived and we got what we needed.

I had mentioned that I painted a picture for my friend in High Prairie.  When Hubby came home from HP he brought a little bag I recognized from A Few of Your Favorite Things....a GREAT store!!!!!  And inside the bag there were some yummy smelling things and a sewing machine ornament, that went up to my sewing room!!

Thank you Erica!!

The week will be spent getting ready for company.  We will have a house full by Wednesday!  Can't wait for all the kids to be here and my Dad too!  

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