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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilty Comforts

When you are a quilter having the right equipment and tools are just as important as if you were a carpenter, painter, etc.  Equipment not only includes a sewing machine and such but also furniture....cutting tables, ironing boards....and the proper height of these pieces saves on a quilters back.  My cutting table and ironing mat were not the right heights.  I'm not a tall person but even these were too short for me.  I've looked for a table to use for my cutting mat that was the correct height and width as the plastic folding table I was using was not.  Finally I just got Hubby to help me make what I was using work.  He raised the height by adding conduit to the legs:

The table top was not the right width for my mat so we went to Home Depot and found a nice piece of wood in a pile that was miss-cut and they were going to throw out!!!  It was the perfect size and we got it for FREE!!  Got it home and attached it to the plastic table top with just Velcro command strips!

But it wasn't very pretty.....handy, the correct size but a person didn't have to know we rigged up a plastic folding table so I got out my bolt of burlap and got to work, measuring, hemming then stapling and here she is:

I would like to find some ribbon or something to put around the top...I had nothing that I thought looked right so I will be on the lookout in the future.

So now the ironing mat.  I was using my old sewing cabinet for my pressing was way too low and not near big enough.  I had bought a pattern for an ironing board the top is a nice big rectangle but you can use the ironing board which is the perfect height and adjustable.  So my handy Dad made one and brought it down when he came for Amy's grad.

And now all covered up and ready to go:

Now I have no excuse why I can't sew, press, and cut all day long!!

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