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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stayed Home and Painters

I stayed home all day today!!  :). My intent was to sew all day on my POF Mystery quilt but the painters showed up...woooo hoooo.  I worked at getting the mess from the tuck tape off the wall and ceiling upstairs where we taped off the stairway to the basement.  I'll make sure tuck tape (nor duck tape!) is never used on the wall again!  What a mess!!!!  Then I baked some banana pineapple muffins....they were okay...not great but they used up some old bananas I had.  And then I sewed.  Our painter/dry waller is a super nice guy but he smokes.  His girlfriend helps him paint and she smokes......they chain smoke!!!!!  They didn't smoke in the basement but I think they smoked right outside the open door.  I could smell it up two levels in my sewing room!!!!!!  After a few hours I wasn't feeling the best.  I know, I should have told them to move further from the house but I am so happy the painting is getting done!!!!!!!!  They won't be here much longer.....I'd say two more days.  I think he said he needs to do three coats.  They did more sanding and put the first coat on today.  I'm loving the colors!!!  They don't look much different right now but I'm hoping once all three coats are on you will be able to tell Amy's room is a bit darker.

Family room:

Amy's room:

I'm going with white trim down there...eventually!!  I can't wait!

I did keep sewing today.  Step 9 is done and I've started step 10.  Once the blocks are made (step 9 and 10) I can lay it out and sew the rows together.  I hope it turns out alright!  I'm ready for this one to be done!!!!!!!  Here's hoping I make more progress tomorrow!


Margaret Macpherson said...

What did it do with my comment?

Margaret Macpherson said...

Once you square those up you're on the final stretch. Hard to get back the same zip once you're stalled. You'll soon be passing me, girl see the finish line? Just around the next corner. Picture?

Jane said...

I'm hoping I can get the top sewn together tomorrow Peggy.....we will see. Fingers crossed!!!!!