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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What To Do, What To Do.......

Hello to all my wonderful followers....whether you do it secretly or have signed up as an official follower.  What a busy time of the year isn't it???  Decorating, shopping, wrapping, card sending (maybe!), baking, crafting.....phew!  Which brings me to my dilemma.  I am contemplating going up north with Hubby when he goes back to work next week.  But I have most of the above to do before the big day!!!!  I have a ton of stuff ordered from online which will hopefully be arriving within a week or so.  I haven't decorated, nor baked, nor wrapped, nor filled out cards, nor crafted.  We would be back some time the week before soon depends on whether Hubby would work a few extra days or not.  So I would probably have a week to get everything that enough time?  Does it matter if it looks like Christmas exploded in my house with decorations? Does it matter if I do any baking or order it from a friend? Cards.....I could bring them with me.  I sure could use the change of scenery......I've been very down in the dumps.

I'm no longer at the quilt shop and feel very unappreciated, mistreated, thrown out like garbage by the owner.  Long story short, I asked for one day a week, she gave it to me, hired two new staff then said I wasn't needed anymore.  Done, gone, get out, unwanted..... more or less.  I need to get over it, I know I do, but it's not easy.  And I know I will, with time.  So getting out of town would be lovely....but at this time of the year?  Maybe the new year would be better..........what to do, what to do........

I have been in my sewing room and made two more pillowcases.  I used the new-to-me method again except I didn't have a zinger strip.  These are also flannel....and folded up.

I also had a lovely mail day the other day when a set of Yoko Saito fat eighths arrived to add to my collection.

I'll have to continue on with the houses placemat we are doing if I go up north.  I do love hand appliqué.

Cleaned out the garage this morning and now the truck is full of garbage for the dump and my vehicle is full of stuff for the storage locker and Salvation Army donations.  I'll drop those off tomorrow after Ms Morgan does my hair.  It looks a lot better in there....hope it gets Hubby's two thumbs up!

Now off to cut up three wool coats I got from Sally Ann!!!!  Washed and ready to be used for some sort of creation!!
Thanks for listening.  :-)


Kathy said...

Hope you feel better after the "vent". Have a little chocolate and hopefully everything will look better. Karma has a way of evening things out, sometimes it just takes a little time. ; ) {Hugs}

Kathy said...

p.s. The pillow cases look super cozy!

Margaret Macpherson said...

Is it possible that jealousy is a factor? 2 to replace 1 ?? Hmmmm you're too much of a challenge for her I think. You're an inspiration whatever you do girl! That's a gift that is yours to keep and share. Don't be letting a small bruise to your ego knock down your confidence and contentment of yourself. Stay who you are. Loved and appreciated! Your work is enjoyable to see. Time come, you'll maybe be ready for a wee change.....or not. Winter decorations can always go up for the New Year, keeping Christmas simple. Start a new tradition...? What ya think? Be a trend setter. (Giggle) Huggles. P