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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two In One Day!!

Sorry for the second post today!!  Hubby comes home tomorrow night so that usually means a busy week and less time to blog.

I was actually feeling a little punky today so thought I would see if I could get anything done in my sewing room.  After getting the snowman done I proceeded to make some mug rugs.  I had bought another panel and a bit of fabric from the quilt shop up town because I saw it used for mug rugs.  I didn't do the pattern I saw but created my own.  Here they are:

Then I made a pillowcase out of fabric I bought on a trip to the States quite some time ago.  I LOVE this snowman flannel!!!!!  The technique I used was really neat!  
It's from this You Tube video from Shabby Fabrics: Very easy!  Here's the pillowcase and a close-up of the flannel:

I was always forgetting how much fabric to buy to make I can remember 27-9-3!  That will make sense once you watch the video.  I hope the link works!
I'll have some cleaning and some errands to do tomorrow!  Another week....the last in November!  YIKES!!

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