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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Snow

Well, it's still here.  A lot of it melted off the streets yesterday....trying to shovel was a killer as it was so wet and heavy!!  A neighbor came and used his snowblower and cleared the driveway....we have some fantastic neighbors!!!!!  I managed the front steps and a walkway to the sidewalk!

Yesterday (it was a dull day but eventually the sun came out!)

Last evening.....I thought it was a pretty sunset.

This morning!
The geese are still here!!  I thought they had packed up and moved south but not yet!!

Hubby is home tonight!!  It's his birthday tomorrow.  I asked where we could take him out for supper and he said he just wanted quiet.....I think just to be home.  So home it is!!!

I'm off to find today's purpose!  It will likely involve some vacuuming and a bathroom cleaning!  Hahaha. Fun times!!!!!

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Sue said...

And a little stitching!