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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Okay...why is it that I cannot believe how quickly time goes....and every year seems to go faster than the one before?????  November 1st today!  A mix of rain and snow.....and yesterday was +18C!  Nuts!!!!  Here is our daschund Zoey loving life in front of the fireplace this morning:

Yesterday was Halloween and my boss asked if I would dress up.  I needed to be comfortable enough to wait on customers so this is what I came up with:

Hahaha!  The helmet lasted until the first phone call then "clunk" so it came off for the day!  Lots of fun and the store was very busy yesterday!!!!

Earlier in the week I made an Apple Spice Bundt was delicious and I took some to the shop and also shared with my friends.  That way it doesn't sit here and get eaten by only me!!!

My Aunt Helen in Ontario gave me instructions on making cauliflower soup.  She uses a hand held immersion blender, which I had to go buy!!!, and also got the ingredients......I haven't made it yet!!

I've started on the new Block of the Month at the quilt shop...A Patchwork Year.  I've made progress on the stitching:

I'm having fun!!!

Ugh....looking out at the snow coming down does not make me want to drive to Calgary to Daughter2s game this afternoon...........but as Daughter1 said, I have to get over my fear!  Oh to be young again!!!!!


Kathy said...

The snowman is cute!!! As for the drive, just put your helmet back on, you'll be fine. Still no snow here yet.....

Jane said...

Hahaha. Good one Kathy! I made it back home last night...a white knuckled drive for me....super slushy! But it's melting nicely today! Hope it avoids you guys "up north"! LOL!

Kathy said...

Yes, I'm hoping it avoids here until after the long weekend. Surprisingly, HE!! has not frozen over yet....