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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh I desperately need to make a to-do list for Christmas!!!!  I've been doing some online shopping and Hubby and I are hoping to get into the city on Tuesday to do some more shopping.  I don't enjoy the crowds and hustle and bustle of holiday shopping anymore.  I sure hope we can get most if not all of it done this week.  I might be living in a dream world but let me be!  Lol!  I have some crafting to do too....that's what will panic me more so I need to hop to it!  

Today I finished a center piece for my Live Simply frame.  The December one was a cute little gingerbread man...which doesn't go with my winter/Christmas I made the January one:

I want to make a few bowls for Christmas gifts.  I finished another one the other day from the jelly roll I used for the first one:

I was having a bit of trouble with my machine....I'm hoping third time lucky and the next one goes smoothly!

Son2 is home now for a bit.  That means many things.....I love my son but "Slobby" might have been a better middle name for him!  :-). Anyway, remember in a past post me mentioning that he wasn't going to cut his hair until January????  Well, he changed his mind and I put a text into our hairdresser, Ms Morgan, and she got him in the next day!!!  He wouldn't let her trim much of his beard, except up by his sideburns, but he looks human again!!!!!!

Well, I'm working in my sewing room while watching the western final of football...Go Stampeders Go!!  Best get back at it!


Kathy said...

Hehehehehe Jane. I have to agree with the Go Stamps. Since my Riders are out, then YYC all the way! ☺

Jane said...

And they did pull it off quite nicely!!!!! We also have Roughriders fans in this house. Lol!