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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today was a very nice day.  I shoveled snow, cleaned floors, baked a dessert, had Deb pop over for coffee and was my guinea pig and tried the dessert, then Sue came over to sew.  We set up at the diningroom table and worked on a block Sue signed us up to do for Darlene at A Needle Pulling Thread quilt shop.  I made a block I knew was going to be too small (they were to be 12 1/2" unfinished) and put a small border on it.  Sue made a block which the pattern said 12" finished.  Now wouldn't that mean 12 1/2" unfinished??  Nope, turned out to be 12" when done!  She's going to find more fabric and make another one.  Mine will be sent off!  Here's our production: (my block is on the table in the front)
Sue is holding her not-quite-finished block.  We both decided we need to do more piecing so that maybe one day we can turn out a perfectly square, exactly the right sized block!!!  (It will never happen for me in my lifetime!!!  Sue will likely have much better luck!)
Can I say I got my mojo back???  Hmmmmm not sure about that but tomorrow I might try again.  I think Thursday the fall decor will come down and be put away so that Friday can be a big cleaning day and I can contemplate winter/Christmas decor that will start to go up in a couple/three weeks.  That's a much bigger job!!


Margaret Macpherson said...

Fun day!
My all-year-round decor theme does not seem to change. CLUTTER. IT FOLLOWS ME WHERE EVER I GO. what's your secret?

Jane said...

Where's Wendee when you need her? LOL. I'm better once I had to move. I had to get rid of so much stuff (you know all about that!) and now I look at it "is this something I would take with me if I moved?" "What if we had to sell the place would it look for resale?" And right now, too much stuff makes me anxious and unsettled! Hahaha! This house isn't perfect but it works for me. You wouldn't be you without your stuff Pegs!

Chickadee Sue said...

Ha Ha, had fun and the dessert was delicious!
Block was disappointing but oh well soon make another I hope.

Jane said...

It was a super fun day!!!!! Hope to do it again really soon!!!!