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Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm "Bowl-ing"!

The weekend is a half an hour from being over and it was a really good one!  Yesterday I took a Bali Bowl class at the quilt shop.  It's the third time Charlene has taught it at the shop but the first time I could attend and I'm really glad I did!  My sewing machine that I take to classes/retreats did not cooperate though!!!!!  I was able to get the cording prepared but it would not let me sew the bowl together!  Grrrrr!  But my home machine worked beautifully and a bowl was created!  I can tell you, there will be more bowls in my future!!!!  Charlene has made over 200 and I can understand that as they are addicting!!!!!!!!!!

Today my Dad arrived.  He had been in Banff for a convention on the weekend.  First order of in Okotoks at The Red Barn!  It has a collection of antiques/vintage/rusty bits and new giftware.  It was busy there today as Santa was set up for pictures with kids and their families!  Here are some of my finds:

The springs are nice and big and rusty.  I'll be checking out Pinterest for ideas on how to use them for the holidays although I have a couple of ideas in my head already!  The lamp is older and is even filled with fuel ready to go!  Yikes!!  That may get emptied soon.
The fall decor will come down this week and I'll start to put up winter stuff but Christmas will wait until the first week of December......maybe!  I'll likely get all the boxes out and figure I may as well git 'er done!!!  But it is a slow takes time, and although every year I say I'm going to pare it down, it never seems to happen.
Tomorrow Dad leaves for a week in Edmonton and it's Son2s 24th birthday!  He may or may not be home tomorrow....probably Tuesday, so we can celebrate then! 


Margaret Macpherson said...

Love the bowl! Now you can crochet a rug to compliment it. Easy-Peasy.

Margaret Macpherson said...

Would love to make a bowl. Need tutorial......long distance!