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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December...Let the Decorating Begin!

Well, we are into December....the last month of 2014.  When another year ends it always makes me a bit sad....we still have some time!
But before I show you some decorating, last week I finished my wool Itty Bitty Banner for December and I don't think I shared it with you.

December 1st means I can really start decorating for Christmas.  My boxes came down...which is always overwhelming....and I'm happy to say I didn't put everything out!
Of course not all of those boxes were decorations I used on the mantle.  Here is my 2014 Christmas mantle...I think.  I'm never completely happy with it at first!
The black thing that looks like it's holding a necklace is a toboggan.

I also made more pillowcases.....I made two of the sock monkey ones!

So much fun!!!!  Next up, stockings for Hubby and I!  This year the kids are going to buy something small and inexpensive to put in each of our stockings....since I fill theirs!  Hahaha!  I can't wait and hope it's a new family tradition!!!!  
A little more cleaning tomorrow and then stitching with Sue and Deb!  Working on our Yoko Saito houses!  I'll post pictures soon!
PS....As you can see I stayed home....I'll go up with Hubby in the New Year!!

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Chickadee Sue said...

Looks nice, see you tonight!