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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Just Not Fair

You know how there are periods in life where a whole bunch of sad things happen at once?  When nothing makes sense and you begin to think that life isn't fair?  Well, that has been the past day or two.  My son and his girlfriend lost a dear friend to cancer last night.  She was 27 years young.  My heart breaks for her parents (she was an only child), her finance and all her many friends and family.  When cancer strikes and you fight hard but are told the battle cannot be won, well, it makes no sense and does not seem one bit fair.  There were a couple of other deaths of people in my home town in the past day or two.  Much older than 27 but still such a loss just the same.  And then there is the terrorist activity and the poor young soldier shot down today....24 years young.  This happened in CANADA!  This stuff doesn't happen here!  How fragile life precious each day is.  It makes me sad, yet we should celebrate each and every day and find that "happy"!  We need to be reminded of that...even when we don't feel like being happy.....because once a day has passed, we don't get it back.  Life is too short not to find our "happy" in each and every precious day.

Sending Hubby off this week was hard.  I'm not sure why but it was.  I've kind of wasted a good part of the week away although I did mange to find some "happy".  Monday I met my friend Sue for lunch by her place of work...which is also by a quilt shop, a country decorating store, Homesense, Winners.....after lunch I did pop into the quilt shop and country decor store.  I'm glad Sue invited me for lunch...we had a nice visit and I had some retail therapy before heading home.  Today I found my "happy" in my sewing room where I made this little table topper.  

I also found out today that my friend Kim is flying down to see me in November!!!!!!!!  I pray the weather is nice!!!!!  We have some shop hopping to do!!!

Tomorrow I go to work, and Friday and it's my turn to work Saturday.  I really hope she finds more staff soon.  

So what is your "happy"?  I hope you find it today...and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.......


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