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Monday, July 22, 2013

Felt like a busy one....

Seemed like a busy, noisy, bustling kind of day.  Accountant visit, plumbers showed up, another promise of the adjuster showing up but she didn't...again.  Telus guy showed up and got the tv in Amy's room working and our internet!!!!!!  Wish I had some baking to give him....he had a trailer in an area of town that didn't fair so well so, as he put it, he's "outta here".  So sad and my heart broke for him.  I hope he moves on to a better place and can find some happy.  Security company tech called and will be here tomorrow and I have an appointment with my Curves coach at 10 am.....Lord, the scale will not be kind to me but it will be nice to get a workout in!!!!!!!  They reopened today but since we were waiting for the adjuster.............Thursday the new headboard should arrive.

I checked Amazon and Chapters for some of the cookbooks I remembered having.......I didn't even look for any of the decorating books or the books on menopause (hahaha) or even all the cookbooks, and it tallied up to just over $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Didn't take long!!  I worked on pricing other contents we lost in the flood as well.  I didn't bother with all the little things.  Now my head hurts.  Day two with absolutely no mail......strange but I guess that means no bills!  :-)

The thunder is rolling outside and it seems a bit muggy.  The area has tornado warnings....Calgary, Cochrane even Okotoks.  They can stay away from here....we really don't need another natural disaster.

Just wanted to add this.....I need this reminder all the time!

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